Changeable weather with rain never too far away predicted for Aylesbury Vale this month

So far the month has been warmer than average and relatively settled, but that could change

By Hannah Richardson
Monday, 20th September 2021, 11:56 am

September so far has been a warmer-than-average month, with temperatures across Buckinghamshire usually around 19C for this time of year.

Maximum temperatures this month however, have already soared to 30.7C on September 6, at Gogerddan in Ceredigion, Wales - with similar values recorded across the Vale too.

August’s temperatures fell short of this however, with a maximum of 27.2C at Tyndrum in the Scottish Highlands. Closer to home, temperatures for August only reached into the mid-20s Celsius on any date throughout the whole month.

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Latest weather predictions for Aylesbury Vale

August was cooler than normal in parts, and our summer on the whole, in comparison to the last three summers, was also a little cooler.

Despite this however, this summer was still significantly warmer when compared to the climate average (the latest set of 30-year averages), although it feels less significant because we are adapting to a new normal. We can still experience cooler anomalies amidst a warming climate.

The month has thus far been relatively settled too, with fine days followed by clear and calm nights, enabling the formation of mist and fog. Clear and calm conditions produce the perfect recipe for radiation fog, as the ground loses heat to the atmosphere, allowing the air above it to cool and condense. Early fog can easily be missed though, because it quickly dissipates after sunrise as the ground begins to warm again.

Looking ahead, the rest of September has the potential to be quite changeable, with temperatures fluctuating around the average, and low pressure never too far away.

While we could see some spells of rain at times, the worst of the weather does look to prevail further north.