Aylesbury Vale weather: Here’s when heavy rain is expected to hit this week

With powerful storms seemingly a common occurrence now, the UK is bracing itself for another wet and windy week.

Monday, 24th February 2020, 3:22 pm
Updated Monday, 24th February 2020, 3:22 pm
Fortunately, Aylesbury looks set to miss the worst of the bad weather this week. Picture: Shutterstock

That certainly goes for Aylesbury Vale, with Met Office forecasters predicting a severe downpour and a lot of wintry weather. Anyone with weather-dependent plans might want to take a glance at the outlook before plunging ahead.

Here's everything you need to know.

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Hot on the heels of Storm Dennis, more bad weather is coming to soak the UK. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

What is the forecast for Aylesbury Vale this week?

The area is in for a wet start to the week ,with heavy rain expected throughout Monday 24 February. However, the good news is that things should dry up by the late afternoon and early evening, although strong winds will remain.

A cold and windy Monday night will give way to a drier midweek period, with Tuesday and Wednesday likely only to see showers. Given the cold, though, the rain could be on the wintry side, and there will be an ice risk.

The week then looks to get a little brighter, although it will still be predominantly cold and there may still be a few wintry showers. Thursday may also see some snow on the hilltops.

What about the weekend?

Sadly, everyone’s Friday feeling is likely to be dampened by the return of heavy rain on Friday afternoon, as well as in the early hours of Saturday morning.

When the weather does break, however, Aylesbury Vale could be in luck – the Met Office expects that, in the UK this weekend, “the south will see the best of any more prolonged drier interludes”

From Saturday morning until Sunday, the weather looks mostly dry with only the occasional shower to disturb it.

As we move into the next week, the Met Office suggests that “the weather may become more settled in the south east.”

What about in the rest of the UK?

It's looking to be another seriously unsettled week all around the UK, with areas of heavy rain sweeping across to the east. This means that the west coast is likely to be the worst hit but there is a good chance of continued heavy rain and high winds all over.

There are currently weather warnings in place in various parts of the country – Scotland and Northern Ireland are bracing themselves for ice, rain and snow on Monday, while Newcastle and the surrounding areas also have a warning in place for rain and snow.

After a cold Monday night, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England currently have a weather warning in place for ice on Tuesday.

Will there be snow?

Whether it fills you with dread or joy, “Will it snow?” is always one of the questions on everybody's mind when the weather turns wintry.

This week begins with flurries of snow across the northern parts of the UK, with some of them even making their way down to the lower areas. However, given the continual rain, it is unlikely that it will lie in most areas.

The Met Office had this to say, “The bulk of snow accumulations in northern England are expected to occur at locations above 200 metres in elevation, but it’s likely that some sites lower than this could witness transient flurries before these turn to rain.”