Aylesbury Vale could reach record temperatures this week as heatwave continues

More blue skies and soaring temperatures are predicted for Aylesbury Vale over the coming week

By Brendan Jones
Monday, 11th July 2022, 1:21 pm
Updated Monday, 11th July 2022, 1:27 pm

It’s been very warm across the Vale over the weekend and to start this week, perhaps a little too warm for some of you, as a summery plume of air lifted temperatures well above average.

Last Friday, we reached 27C in Aylesbury and 26C on Sunday, under clear blue skies. The deep blue continued through Sunday and Monday too, and it became even hotter, reaching 28C on Sunday and then 30C on Monday.

Whilst it’s still very warm at present, weather patterns have shifted slightly as we’ve gone through the middle of this week, as high pressure has drifted away allowing more of a north-westerly flow through central and southern England.

Residents can expect warm temperatures throughout the week.

However, the heat has not really relented on the continent, with Spain and Portugal sizzling to 40 degrees Celsius, and forecast models are hinting that the heat will try to push back northwards through this weekend.

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Indeed, whilst it’s just speculation within computer modelling at the moment, it isn’t outside the realms of possibility that we see extremely hot weather this coming weekend and early next week.

Back on 25th July 2019, the mercury soared to 36C in Aylesbury and, in Cambridge, it reached 38.7C. This marked a new temperature record in the UK. Some weather forecast models imply that temperatures may sneak close to this record, with a plume of hot air moving northwards from Spain and France.

So the forecast for this weekend, as it stands, is one of very warm or hot conditions this weekend. If you have outdoor plans, it’s worth trying to include shade and plenty of water to stay cool. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that forecast outcomes can, and do, change, so watch this space.