Weather Watch: Will the Aylesbury Vale be a snowgo area for Christmas?

Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover
Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover

We’re now only a week away from Christmas Day.

Those furious last-minute shopping trips are underway, houses and trees have been decorated, and people are readying themselves for the festive period.

So, what about the weather?

Will there be festive meteorology this Christmas?

Predicting Christmas snowfall has become a permanent fixture of the festive period.

Bookies often raise and slash their odds of a White Christmas significantly as Christmas Day approaches.

The true definition of a white Christmas requires there to be a single, observable snowflake falling in the 24hrs of December 25th, at a designated location. This is traditionally at a weather-observing office, often in one of the UK’s largest towns or cities.

One of the UK’s snowiest Christmas Days in the past 50 years was 2004, when cold northerly winds blew in frequent snow showers, particularly across the north and the west of the country.

Before that, 1970 was a very snowy Christmas with bitterly cold easterly winds delivering a lot of snow to southern and eastern parts of England.

More recently, many may remember the spectacular Christmas Day of 2010, when heavy snowfall a few days earlier lay deep, crisp and even on the ground across Buckinghamshire and particularly in the Chilterns.

As bright sunshine lit up the lying snow in a scene straight out of Lapland, it was difficult to imagine that Christmas Day 2010 did not qualify as a white Christmas in many places, as the snow did not actually fall.

Over the next couple of days, it is looking rather mild and also windy with rain at times.

However, through Friday and the weekend, colder north-westerly winds look set to return, bringing temperatures back to near-normal for mid December.

But, what about the big day itself?

Well a week is quite a long time in weather forecasting terms but, as it stands at the moment, Christmas is looking rather green across Aylesbury.

It’s a little early for finer details but our chances of snow appear very low.