Weather Watch: We’re upstream of New York, so prepare for windy weather

Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover
Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover

Despite entering the final days of winter, once again attention is on the US for more bone-chilling cold and snowy conditions.

Temperatures have plunged to historic lows for many areas, with Central Park in New York City seeing a record-equalling minimum of -15c.

This seems relatively mild compared to Watertown in New York State, which saw the mercury plummet to -37c on Monday morning.

Dangerous wind chills meant that it felt even colder than thermometers were suggesting, with frostbite a very real threat.

The cold weather is set to continue for the coming days, with snow likely for many and further frigid temperatures.

A few weeks ago, we discussed how cold weather in the US can lead to unsettled conditions here in the UK.

Weather in the US is “upstream” of us in terms of prevailing weather, and the bitter cold over the US can help to strengthen the jet stream.

The powered-up jet stream can then cause Atlantic weather systems to strengthen as they head towards the UK, giving us unsettled conditions, as 
was seen throughout last winter.

So, will this knock-on effect be evident on this occasion? Well it seems that it may be the case. The jet stream will ramp up over the coming days, with deep areas of low pressure being thrown our way.

As a result, the UK looks like being put into an unsettled period of weather after recent calm and benign weather. Heavy rain and strong winds look like making a comeback, but the silver lining being that wintry weather will be largely kept at bay as a result.

But what can the Aylesbury Vale area expect for the next few days?

As eluded to above, it is looking very unsettled with showers or spells of persistent rain likely for the rest of the week and into the start of the weekend.

Some of the rain will be heavy at times. Temperatures should remain around average for the time of year, but it could still be quite chilly at night with frost and ice still a possibility in calmer interludes.