Weather Watch: Spanish Plume gives us rain and thunder

The final day of May 2015 saw weather conditions that were all-too-common through the month, with westerly winds blowing in cool air and also spells of rain.
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Latest weather news

Monday was, of course, the first day of June and also the first day of the meteorological summer, and yet it remained disappointingly cool and windy.

One weather related term that has trended a lot in the media over the last few days, and may continue to do so through the summer, is that of a ‘Spanish Plume’.

The Spanish Plume is a particular weather pattern which results in a transportation of a warm and humid air from the Iberian plateau to northwest Europe and consequently the UK, which can also bring the risk of intense thunderstorms.

Excess heat across the continent and over northern France under specific conditions can generate thunderstorms which can move northwards across the channel and produce heavy precipitation in parts of southern and central England, the Aylesbury Vale included.

These storms are often very prolific lightning generators and one such storm crossed Aylesbury in July 2014.

Speaking of the Vale, tomorrow it is expected to be mostly dry during the day with spells of warm sunshine.

However, overnight, one or two thunderstorms may drift up from the south.

There may be a further risk of scattered downpours on Friday and Friday night and it is looking warm and humid.

At the moment, the weekend is looking cooler again but with a lot of dry weather.