Weather Watch: Only one week left of meteorological winter

Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover
Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover

We’re into the closing week of the meteorological winter now and we’ve certainly seen some very changeable, wintry conditions across the Aylesbury Vale.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had hard frosts, dustings of snow and plenty of rain.

February has, however, been a month of two halves.

During an average February across Aylesbury and the surrounding area, we’d normally expect around 40mm of precipitation.

However, the first fortnight of February this year saw very little precipitation at all, and most of what did fall was in the form of snow early in the month.

By the 14th February, we’d typically only recorded between 4 and 7mm of precipitation and this was the result of high pressure bringing a lot of dry, settled weather after the initial snowfall.

However, during the night of the 14th, rain set in across the Vale delivering around 10mm in just a few hours.

This was followed by another 10mm bout of rain on the 17th, another on the 19th and then a further 10mm on the 22nd.

After such a dry start to the month, we saw over 40mm of rain in a little over a week, putting our current precipitation totals above 50mm.

The media often like to quote average rainfall totals, particularly when very heavy rain is on the way.

It is commonplace to see headlines claiming that parts of the country may receive “a month’s worth of rain in just 24hrs”.

In reality, however, average rainfall totals don’t work in this manner.

In the summertime in particular, rainfall tends to come in short, sharp bursts, especially where thunderstorms are concerned.

Quoted monthly averages aren’t always the sum of small amounts of daily rainfall but are, instead, often the totals of a few very wet days amongst a lot of dry ones.

There’ll be more rain to total up for the rest of this week, with one spell of wet weather expected to blow through on Thursday whilst another lines up for Saturday evening.

In between there should be some sunshine, albeit with a few wintry showers, and watch out for night-time frost.