Weather Watch: Hot weather leads to storms in the Med

We’re now firmly within the holiday season and the Mediterranean is still a major draw for families making the most of the school holidays.

Wednesday, 19th August 2015, 12:11 pm
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Brits often see the Med as a means of escaping the cool, wet UK summers and replacing it with dry, hot and sunny weather.

But is this always the case?

After a very hot summer so far through much of Spain, Italy and Greece, hot even by their standards, the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea is two or three degrees warmer than it should be.

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This temperature anomaly may not sound like much, but it’d certainly feel pleasantly warm whilst swimming.

As well as the obvious benefits the warmer-than-normal water may bring, there is also a downside in weather-terms.

We’re now approaching the season where excess warmth generates areas of low pressure through the Med.

Low pressure encourages the development of showers and thunderstorms and, over the past couple of weeks, there have been some spectacular storms.

Thunderstorms feed on warmth and moisture, things that an unusually warm Mediterranean Sea provides.

In the last seven days, these storms have produced hailstones and waterspouts over Malta, whilst Calabria in southern Italy saw cars washed out to sea by sudden downpours.

Most of the Med is still warm and sunny, however, so don’t be put off your holiday!

Closer to home and, after a dry few days, it’s turning unsettled tomorrow as showery bursts of rain head eastwards.

The chance of showers looks set to continue this weekend but it will also be quite humid and so, in sunny spells between showers, it will feel warm.