Weather Watch: Easter can see such extremes of weather

Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover
Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover

Thinking of Easter usually conjures up images of spring-time sunshine, however, the British weather, as ever, does not always play ball.

The varying date of Easter has something to do with this, with late March at higher risk of seeing a blast of winter weather than mid or late April.

The warmest and coldest Easters have both occurred in recent years.

On March 31, 2013, Braemar in Scotland recorded a minimum of -12.5C, and on April 23, 2011, Wisley in Surrey recorded 27.8C.

This year, across the Aylesbury Vale we saw some fine weather over the Easter weekend, although Easter Sunday and Monday were cloudier and slightly cooler than the average for the time of year, with a few light showers.

Cold air plunging down from the north on Monday night with clear skies gave us a very chilly night.

Further north, there was some snow over the mountains of Scotland and northern England on Sunday and Monday.

Snow at Easter is in fact a fairly regular occurrence, more so than snow at Christmas.

However, the increasing strength of the solar radiation at this time of year means that, unless we have exceptional cold such as in 2013, it rarely lasts too long on low ground during the daytime, or struggles to settle at all.

Looking ahead to the coming week, high pressure will generally hold sway and there will be a good deal of dry weather with just occasional showers.

A few chilly nights are likely too, whenever skies are clear, so vulnerable plants will need to be protected from a nip of frost at times.