Weather Watch: Believe it or not, we have just enjoyed our sunniest ever winter

Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover
Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover

While it may not feel it outside, we have now entered the meteorological spring.

This means the winter months are behind us, so let’s have a look back at winter 2014/15.

The standout statistic for the winter was that, according to the Met Office, the UK has seen the sunniest winter since records began in 1929.

Provisional figures showed on the 25th February, with 3 more days of winter remaining, the UK had already equalled the 2001 record of 189 hours of sunshine.

By other measures, it was a fairly average winter.

Temperatures were a little above what would be expected for an average winter but not significantly so, in contrast to last winter which was comfortably above average.

Rainfall was provisionally just 8% above the norm nationally, which is comparatively dry to last year’s record wet winter.

Some parts of England, including the Aylesbury Vale area, actually saw a drier than normal winter.

Whilst our area saw occasional snowfalls, they were mostly light and seldom lasted beyond a day.

This was down to the fact that most of our cold weather this winter came from the northwest, which isn’t a particularly cold source and tends to keep most snowfall to west-facing parts of the country.

As a result, we didn’t really get any prolonged, deep cold which would have been more conducive to significant snowfall.

Nevertheless, we still saw more of the white stuff than last winter, which was virtually snowless for much of southern England.

We also saw far more settled spells than last winter’s washout, which also meant we had more mornings where the car needed scraping before heading to work.

As we head into spring with the days getting longer, can we expect a rise in temperatures over the next few days?

After a chilly week so far, conditions look set to become drier and also milder this weekend.

We could be looking at daytime highs of around 12 or 13 degrees Celsius amongst some sunny periods, although the nights will still be chilly so it might be worth holding off putting out any delicate plants.