We chat to new Councillor for Walton and Central, Waheed Raja

Waheed Raja, the new district councillor for Walton and Central Ward
Waheed Raja, the new district councillor for Walton and Central Ward

The Bucks Herald had a chat with Waheed Raja, the new district councillor for Walton and Central Ward, who was elected last week.

He said:

"Firstly, thank you to the electorates of Walton and Central Ward for giving us a mandate and placing their trust in us.

"We recognise this as an honour and feel privileged to have the opportunity of serving them.

"We are members of the Liberal Democrats but we believe very strongly that we should represent the entire Ward and shall deal with all local issues for everyone irrespective of their political views.

"For us the first job of any Councillor is representing their local communities, making sure we have regular contact with local residents and community groups.

"We recognise that we are their link with the councils, lobbying for resources and helping them win funding to support their organisations and

the improvements we all want to achieve.

"As young Councillors we feel that we can engage new people in the political process through community engagement and shall endeavour to do so.

"We would like to thank our predecessor for the work he did in this Ward. We understand that we have big shoes to fill and now having been given the opportunity to make a difference shall use fresh eyes and make sure that we represent the needs of our residents as well as we can.

"This Ward is extremely important as it includes the town centre, “the hub and the heart of Aylesbury”, and the old town which has a historical significance.

"We must make sure that we balance the New with the Old in ensuring that we keep the character, but also make the town more attractive, welcoming and accessible for all.

"This will be achieved by retaining the character of the old town and ensuring that new developments are in keeping with our vision. In particular we shall support local businesses and make Aylesbury town centre a place to visit and make lasting memories.

"We invite all residents to make contact and to engage with us. We will take the time to listen to everyone, pursue all issues to the best of our ability and make a visible difference to how well this area is represented."