WATCH: The ‘oddly satisfying’ videos that have got Aylesbury student 80 million YouTube views

Zac Bartley with his award from YouTube
Zac Bartley with his award from YouTube

The phrase YouTube sensation is often overused but in the case of one student from Aylesbury it definitely applies!

Zac Bartley has been awarded a silver play button by the video-sharing website after his channel ‘Just Cool Stuff’ hit the 100,000 subscriber landmark.

Zac’s videos, which are described as ‘oddly satisfying’ consist of a range of visual images edited together with some music running in the background.

His channel has more than 171,000 subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 80 million times.

Zac said: “It all started in June 2016 - I saw some similar videos and decided I wanted to have a go at it myself.

“I didn’t expect to get any views - I did a few videos and then forgot about it for a few months only to find that they were getting thousands and then millions of views.

“I have been putting the videos together with one of my best friends at school Harry Rowe.

“We just search for relaxing things on YouTube and then put the videos together.

“It takes about three hours to put together a ten minute video.

“I’ve had no copyright issues because I only use small bits of videos and I have actually won a couple of copyright claims.”

Zac studies IT and computing at Bucks UTC and added he was over the moon when he got an award from YouTube.

He said: “One day I saw in my comments dashboard a message from YouTube saying I would get this award because my videos had reached 100,000 subscribers.

“It was the best feeling ever and my award is proudly displayed in my bedroom!”

Zac has become something of a local celebrity following his award win and he is a firm favourite with staff at his bank NatWest.

He said: “One day when I was at the bank the member of staff behind the counter started talking to me and I told him about my videos.

“He thought it was really cool and asked for a mention in one of them so I put his name in the video description!”

Zac said he had received lots of positive comments about the videos.

He said: “A lot of people love them but obviously some people don’t get them.

“I have some people complain that the videos cause them trypophobia (a proposed phobia of irregular patterns).”

Zac’s family are also embracing their son’s new found internet fame.

His mum Harriet said: “Zac’s whole family are immensely proud of his own determination and computer/media skills to have achieved this on his own.

“From research to editing and publishing, his business skills and his ability to communicate with large media companies is an inspiration to us!”

Zac’s most recent video is featured above but if you would like to see more of his work visit his channel at