Warning after member of the public seen tampering with road closure signs in Aylesbury

File photo
File photo

Transport for Bucks have issued a warning after one of their workers witnessed a member of the public moving road closure signs in Aylesbury yesterday (Tuesday).

The road in question, Colonel Grantham Avenue, was coned off due to roadworks.

The witness stated that they saw somebody moving the cones out of the way of their vehicle in order to drive down the road.

Road closures are put in place to avoid exactly this scenario as it may well be unsafe to drive down a particular bit of road especially if roadworks are being done.

Transport for Bucks tweeted: "Yesterday, a member of our staff witnessed a member of the public moving cones and signs for the closure on Colonel Grantham Avenue, Buckingham Park, in order to be able to drive down the road.

"Please take this as a serious reminder that if a closure is in place, you should not move it.

"The closure is in place for a reason, and for your own safety, as well as the safety of workers on site, you should not attempt to get past the closure."

This newspaper approached Transport for Bucks to try and find out more details about the nature of the work being undertaken down Colonel Grantham Avenue.

The department told us they did not know because they were not undertaking the works.