Walk and barbecue helps rescue mission for unwanted Staffies

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Group fundraising walk in Wendover Woods.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Group fundraising walk in Wendover Woods.

A walk and barbecue at Wendover Woods has been held to help rescue Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Gary Smith, who runs a Facebook group for Staffordshire Bull Terriers which aims to repair the damage done to its reputation, was among a group who wanted to raise cash to help a woman saving the dogs from being destroyed.

Gary said: “The breed is a fantastic breed but unfortunately is owned by some irresponsible owners which leads to the bad press.

“The members completely blow the stereotype of Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners out the water - they are a caring group of dog owners.”

One member, Shirley Fitzsimmons, transports dogs from council-run kennels to private rescue kennels so the dogs are not put to sleep after seven days.

Shirley was moving a 13-year-old terrier called Thomas and decided to offer him a home - but sadly he died while the appropriate forms were being processed and never made it.

Gary said: “This sad story left the group members devastated. We decided to help Shirley raise her target of £500 towards the rescue of other dogs and in two days we had raised £1,000.”

Shirley is doing the Great South Run this month as a tribute to Thomas.

The event at Wendover woods was held on Sunday, October 4 where Shirley announced the help has already saved three dogs.