Villages suffer night of vandalism

Vandals took to usually peaceful village streets in two separate incidents on the same night.
The collapsed wall in WinslowThe collapsed wall in Winslow
The collapsed wall in Winslow

On Thursday night in Quainton, police were called to reports of teenagers jumping on cars.

Meanwhile, in Winslow, a 12m stretch of garden wall was toppled, garden plant pots were damaged and a For Sale sign was torn down.

Worried Quainton residents called police several times between 10.30am and midnight to report 70 young people drunk and disorderly on Station Road.

When police arrived, the window of a police vehicle was smashed.

Tweets from the Aylesbury Vale TVP account on Twitter read: “The Waddesdon Team are investigating criminal damage and disorder after a party of teenagers got out of hand in Quainton last Thursday night.

“It was reported by several concerned residents that youths were drunk and jumping on vehicles.

“This behaviour will not be tolerated.”

PCSO Antony Hurd from the Waddesdon Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “By the number of calls we received, I know how many people in the area were concerned by the disorder in Station Road.”

Anyone with information can call 101 quoting crime number 43150097354.

At about 8.45pm on Thursday, a brick wall to the rear of Iain and Jo Herbertson’s home in Parsons Close, Winslow, came tumbling down, blocking the public footpath between Vicarage Road and Horn Street.

Their daughter, Charlotte, aged 13, heard the noise.

Mrs Herbertson said: “She heard an enormous crash and then my neighbour who lives directly behind me rang to say her husband heard the crash and saw the brick wall was on the footpath and heard footsteps running away.”

Police were called and began clearing the footpath.

Mr Herbertson said: “The police did a really good job and made it a safe passageway through, but there were still bricks and rubble.

“The area is used by many children and the elderly walking their dogs.

“There were parked cars next to the wall so it was extremely fortunate that none of the vehicles were damaged.”

And he added: “The damage is extreme – we lost about three quarters of the wall. It’s going to be an expense. It’s hugely frustrating.”

The following morning neighbours came together to finish clearing the damage and make the area safe.

Mrs Herbertson said: “It was a community efffort, it was really lovely actually – there were six families helping clear the footpath.”

But she added: “It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, it’s going to be very expensive and we’re disappointed.

“But I must say, I am glad nobody was hurt. There are quite a few people walk their dogs down there.”

Police patrolled the area but did not find the offenders.

Anyone with any information should call police via 101.