VIDEO: Spot the difference? Aylesbury's Singhbury's Local goes viral

A pair of witty shop owners have become internet famous, with this cheeky shop sign.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 22nd February 2016, 4:53 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd February 2016, 5:10 pm

Inderjit Singh Nagpal and Manmeed Singh Bhatia have given their shop a refit, just a stone’s throw away from the proposed Sainsbury’s superstore site in Weedon Road.

But while the supermarket giant has stalled on its plans for a store, which would include a petrol station, Singhbury’s Local is going strong.

The pair claim that the shop frontage is a homage to their culture and their shared name, and is nothing to do with Sainsbury’s.

But Aylesbury jokers quickly shared images of the shop on social media and it has appeared on the hugely popular Lad Bible website. under the heading ‘seems legit’.

Speaking about his store’s new found fame, Mr Nagpal, said: “All of our customers have been very happy with the new look, and some have come and had their pictures taken with the sign.

“The first part of the name is Singh, for our names, and the second is bury for Aylesbury.

“We used the colour orange because that is the colour of our Sikh religion.

“We saw that it’s on Facebook, and are a little bit worried about Sainsbury’s, but people have had similar signs before, and we have three good reasons for the name and colour.”

The new look store went live last week and the pair say that they have been inundated with compliments from regulars and new customers alike over its appearance.

Sainsbury’s was due to build a giant superstore in Gatehouse Road, but announced last year that they were reconsidering the scheme, which would have included a cafe and nearby petrol station.