VIDEO: Mystery alarm which blighted lives of residents for three years stops ringing

A mystery noise which has blighted the lives of residents for three years has finally stopped.

The alarm was traced to the carwash Washworks, based at Broadfields Retail Park in Bicester Road, Aylesbury.

Philip Blythe, a resident of Stonehaven Road, contacted Aylesbury Vale District Council’s environmental health team after becoming increasingly frustrated about the issue.

He said: “The alarm would wake us up when it went off early in the morning.

“During the day it would be very annoying, because we could still hear it in the house even with our double-glazed windows closed.

“All the neighbours I have spoken to says it annoys them but nobody would actually do anything about it.

“Nobody complains in Aylesbury – that’s the problem.”

Mr Blythe kept a record of when the alarm went off and how long it sounded between March 26 and July 23 this year and claims to have recorded the alarm 198 times.

It rung for between three and 45 seconds.

On one day, it went off on 14 separate occasions over a two-and-a-half-hour period.

Aylesbury Vale District Council confirmed it had received reports of an alarm going off ‘with sufficient regularity to merit investigation.’

They investigated and found that an alarm in Broadfields Retail Park was causing a noise nuisance and served a Noise Abatement Notice on October 7.

The council also confirmed that since serving the notice they had received no further reports of the alarm causing disturbances.

They added that if they found evidence of the notice being breached they could prosecute the business responsible.

Washworks said they did not wish to comment on the issue.