VIDEO: iPhone SE released today

The iPhone SE is officially on sale from today.

If you’re wondering what ‘SE’ stands for - it’s ‘Special Edition’. The new phone looks to attract customers who think the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are too big.

It’s also less expensive, with prices starting at £359 for the handset.

Visually, it looks identical to the iPhone 5S, with a four-inch retina display and a metal body. But it runs on the same processor as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, so it’s considerably faster than the older 5S.

Running on Apple’s new iOS 9.3 operating system, the phone will benefit from improvements to Notes, News, Music and Apple Health, plus the introduction of the new ‘Night Shift’ feature designed to help users’ sleeping patterns.

Ernest Doku, of uSwitch, thinks the new phone will be a hit with younger buyers. He said: “The launch of the iPhone SE should be read as a retaliation – a battle cry to the Chinese challenger brands that have taken a bite out of Apple in recent months.

“Targeted at Millennials with smaller budgets, the SE offers a fully-formed iPhone experience for around £170 cheaper than its flagship.

“Taking the iconic design of the 5s and supercharging it with the innards of the 6s, its best iPhone yet, and for a vastly lower price, should strike fear in the hearts of brands already competing in the mid range mobile market.”

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