Video: Gridlock being caused by’unauthorised works’ in Aylesbury

Roads in a large area of Aylesbury have been brought to a standstill by temporary traffic lights which have been left in place after ‘unauthorised’ utility works.

Traffic has been backed up since lunchtime on the Buckingham Road, after workmen left temporary traffic lights in place.

Gridlock in Aylesbury is being caused by this minor pothole repair

Gridlock in Aylesbury is being caused by this minor pothole repair

Some motorists caught in the traffic after the school run reported queues of more than 30 minutes to make it from the top of the Elmhurst Road near the prison roundabout down to the Horse and Jockey junction.

Traffic is snarled up all along the Buckingham Road towards the town centre and the Weedon Road up to the Bicester Road roundabout.

A spokesman for Transport for Bucks, said: “The current traffic problems are being caused by a utility company carrying out unauthorised work on the A413 between the Horse and Jockey junction and Watermead.

“The contractor has been instructed by Transport for Bucks to be off the network as quickly as possible.”

Motorists’ frustrations are being exacerbated when they see the cause of the hold-ups, works on a minor two metre stretch of the road surface.

One motorist, who did not wish to be named, said: “It is absolutely ridiculous, a tiny little bit of work like that and the whole town comes to a standstill.

“It just shows how badly this town needs a bypass. I cannot understand why they would do something like this in the middle of the day when they could have done it in the evening and avoided all this.”