Video encourages more women to become sports coaches

Leap is encouraging more women into coaching PNL-160415-135450001
Leap is encouraging more women into coaching PNL-160415-135450001

An inspirational video designed to encourage more women to become sport coaches has been released in Buckinghamshire.

Leap, the Sport and Activity Partnership for Bucks & Milton Keynes, has joined forces with six other County Sports Partnerships across the South East to commission the recruitment film entitled ‘More Women, Better Coaching’.

The video begins with a mum feeding breakfast to her two young children – and then freezing as she is suddenly asked why she doesn’t coach. It also contains the story of another woman who became a coach despite being told by doctors she could apply for a disability allowance.

Mark Ormerod, Director of Leap, explained: “This video has been driven by the ridiculous disparity in society which has led to the fact that just 30% of UK sports coaches are female.

“The various county sport organisations are determined to change that, through a scheme we call Project 500, and drive the numbers up.”

The film, funded by Sport England, is based on the premise that many women are already ‘coaching’ in their everyday lives.

Mr Ormerod added: “We would like to encourage them to apply their skills to sport and physical activity. Whether a parent, grandparent, nurse, office manager, teacher or even student mentor, women help others to learn new skills, develop and grow as people. These are all skills that coaches, activators and leaders need to make sport a worthwhile and meaningful experience for their participants.

“By recognising the connection between the existing skills women already have and how they can be transferred to sports coaching, we will increase the diversity of the coaching workforce and offer more choice to our participants.”

Project 500 is a regional initiative across the South East of England, developed and delivered by the seven County Sports Partnerships. The project has been active since 2013 and aims to recruit, develop and retain more women in coaching.

You can find more information all about Project 500 at or via Facebook and Twitter .

For further information regarding Project 500 in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes please contact Sion Kitson, Workforce Development Manager at Leap: