VIDEO: Bucks athlete Luke ‘owes so much to the Invictus Games’

Luke meeting Prince Harry
Luke meeting Prince Harry

Luke Delahunty from Aylesbury has expressed his gratitude in being given the opportunity to compete at this year’s invictus games.

Luke, who this year competed in rowing and cycling, said: “This year’s Games were incredible and there were so many highlights.

“Being part of a team again is one of the best things about Invictus. You really do get that military camaraderie back again, which is one of things I missed most about my former military life.

“Watching my teammates do so well in their competitions is just as great a feeling as when I have an individual achievement. I’m very proud to be part of something so powerful and humbling.

“Another highlight was the cycling, I think. For the last half of the race I was riding with an American guy, Brant Ireland, and he won a bronze medal.

"He said that I’d helped him get it. Those are the kind of moments that I will treasure forever and really embody the Invictus spirit!

“I owe so much to the Invictus Games, and to the charities that have helped me get there, like the RAF Benevolent Fund. The hand cycle they part funded made such a difference and helped me massively during my rehabilitation, I am very thankful to the Fund for their support.”

For Luke, much of his recovery was focused around sport and in the years following his accident he took up hand cycling, indoor rowing and wheelchair rugby.

In 2016, the RAF Benevolent Fund assisted Luke by funding a racing hand cycle, enabling Luke to participate competitively. In the video attached, Luke shares his story and how the RAF Benevolent fund has helped him on the road to recovery.