VIDEO: Archive footage documents “sheer brutality and downright ugliness” of Aylesbury in 1972

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Yes, those were the words of television host Bill Grundy.

The star visited Aylesbury in 1972 to deliver his scathing critique on the town.

During the seven minute walk around, which has been archived by British Pathe, Grundy criticises newer buildings in Aylesbury, saying that they are not inkeeping with the Old Town.

But there was some praise for Aylesbury in the segment, Grundy said that the town had done well to be something other than ‘a dormitory’ for those commuting to London.

One part of the tape shows him enjoying a pint in The Kings Head pub.

However, he didn’t like the famous duck statues in Friars Squares, branding them ‘plastic monstrosities’.

Grundy, who hosted The Today Show would get his comeuppance for his Aylesbury-bashing comments just a few years after this segment was filmed.

His now infamous interview with the Sex Pistols included the first ever UK broadcast of a swear word, and his career would never recover.