Victorian court round-up: Woman jailed for hitting four-year-old boy

Victorian court list
Victorian court list

The Herald looks back at its archives from August 14, 1875, to find out who was in the trouble with the law 140 years ago.

Fanny Matthews assaulted a four-year-old boy, Edward Brown. The boy was looking over the edge of a tub in a yard, while his father, fishmonger Edward Matthews Snr, of Cambridge Street, was doing some business. A witness heard Matthews hit the boy, call it a bad name and tell it to keep out the yard.The bench, ‘looking at the helpless age of the child’ sent Matthews to prison for 21 days.

Edwin Fisher, a butcher from Aylesbury, charged under the Public Health Act of creating a nuisance by the deposit of ‘three or four cartloads’ of offal and other offensive matter in a field near the sewage works. The ‘smell was very bad’ and some sewage workmen ‘had been unable to work in consequence’. The court heard Fisher had torn up a notice requiring him to remove the nuisance. Magistrates ordered the butcher to pay prosecution costs and clean-up the mess.

A boy named George West broke some glass in a case belonging to a Mr Field causing £4-£5 of damage. Magistrates fined the defendant 20s and ‘admonished his parents to keep him better out of mischief’.

David Taylor pleaded guilty to having some stray pigs on the road at Waddesdon, and fined 12s, 6d.

Youths John and Thomas Edmunds fined £2 for poaching a rabbit on the land of Mr A Tindal.