Vegetarian model Tracy adds appeal to humble beef jerky

Tracy Kiss
Tracy Kiss

A vegetarian mum-of-two has brought a little glamour to the humble beef jerky.

Model Tracy Kiss, 27, from Wendover has posed in a racy photo shoot with packets of the dried meat strips after entering a competition to become the new face of the Jack Links branded product.

Tracy Kiss

Tracy Kiss

Jack Links runs a worldwide model search for a new face every year and Tracy hopes people see her photos and vote for her to be short-listed.

Tracy who has worked with celebrities such as Jodie Marsh added: “Jack Links are looking for a girl-next-door kid of model and I am that. I pose in lingerie or tight clothes to attract attention and look sexy but then back it up with my brain.

“Having the support of the public would be amazing. I think this it’s a valuable experience and I’d love to be the new face of Jack Links.”

Tracy, who has over 100,000 followers on social media, said: “I was bullied at school for having no confidence, I just blended into the background and I didn’t like myself, it wasn’t until I started to accept myself that I gained the confidence that I started to feel feminine.

Tracy Kiss

Tracy Kiss

“I won’t be young and slim forever so why shouldn’t I pose for pictures and put myself out there if I’m happy with who I am.”

The single mum started modelling at the age of 18 after being approached by industry insiders.

She said: “I completely changed how I looked to fit in, I had fake hair, fake nails, fake breasts and people loved me. It was sad to realise how looks could change how people treated you, life relies on how you look”.

She has been a vegatarian for 23 years.

Tracy Kiss

Tracy Kiss

“I don’t eat meat because I don’t like the texture but protein is important for a balanced diet and I want to show that you need it for an active lifestyle, you shouldn’t be ignorant of things that you may not be aware of. I make sure my children, Milisent, 7, and Gabriele, 2, eat a healthy meat-fuelled balanced diet, ”

At 19 years old, Tracy fell pregnant with Milisent.

She said: “Becoming pregnant gave me a wake up call. I stopped the sunbeds and hair extensions and went back to being natural and enjoyed being myself again. When I was modelling I didn’t like the feeling of being paid for not being me.”

Tracy, who has also posed in photos promoting asparagus, said she receives freebies such as expensive clothes, lingerie and experiences such as sky diving, to write about on her popular fitness and nutrition blog site.

She said: “Nothing would put me off of trying something. You wouldn’t get anywhere by saying no so I give everything a chance.

“I get masses of criticism from females mostly who do not agree with what I do from a first impression.

“I’m no longer a hesitant and shy person. When I speak to them they discover there is more to me than my racy photos and they becoming welcoming of what I do.”

Voting closes on 29 April with the winners announced on May 11.