Van Susans return to Thame for feature slot at music club

The popular First Thursday Music Club welcomes Van Susans to the stage in Thame.
Van SusansVan Susans
Van Susans

The six-piece pop-rock band from London appeared at last year’s town music festival and will be at the The Stables, James Figg Pub on Thursday, April 5, for an evening where an open mic session is held.

Van Susans’ debut single Bones, released under Beatnik Geek Records, was met with much applause.

A spokesman for the club said: “The gravel in singer Olly’s voice draws you in, then there’s the catchy hooks and songwriting prowess, combining to create an irresistible sound. Lead singer Olly’s ‘edgy vocals’ propel the group away from today’s music scene and into a parallel genre of their own.”

Chris Hawkins of the BBC said: “The Levellers achieved 6 gold selling albums and the Van Susan’s are that band for a new generation, destined for equally great success.”

In addition to Van Susans playing the feature spot, Mia Wilson, Cammy and the Moondogs and Get Loose are already booked in too.

The First Thursday Music Club still offers the opportunity for artists to play live in front of a warm and appreciative audience. The club maintains the open mic section of the evening where slots will always be available in the first hour on a ‘first come, first served’ basis with player sign-up by 7.30pm. The club has a full house PA system with keyboard, bass amp, guitar amp and jazz drum kit (bring breakables!) all set up on stage and ready to go.

Admission is free.


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