Vale lottery slammed for ‘promoting gambling’ in Aylesbury

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Plans to launch a Vale lottery to raise money for local good causes has been passed by council chiefs despite fears from some that it could promote gambling.

The motion was carried at a meeting of Aylesbury Vale District Council on Wednesday but many councillors voiced a strong opposition to the plan.

Councillor Raj Khan called for residents to boycott the lottery, which has a top prize of £20,000.

He said: “I’m astonished that we are entertaining such a thing in this area.

“The kind of things that gambling has done to people, including people I have helped in this area surely means that this is something that this council should not support.

“I am ashamed and embarrassed that this authority is promoting what is effectively gambling with this proposal.”

Buckingham county councillor Robin Stuchbury also expressed concerns about the plans, which it is feared is a precursor to the council cutting its funding for good causes.

He said: “This proposal has come before full council very quickly, without going through a committee.

“Will we vote yes only to then realise that the special funding will be reduced afterwards?”

Councillor Angela Macpherson, cabinet member for leisure, communities and civic amenities, at the council praised the scheme.

She said: “There are so many good causes out there needing support and this is a great way for residents to help those close to their heart and on their 
doorstep, and they might even win themselves a prize.

“This is about us as a council putting something in place which will give local projects the means to raise funds.”