Vale couple's anger at rubbish in their garden caused by binmen

A couple from Upton say they are unhappy that rubbish from other people's bins is blowing into their garden while Aylesbury Vale District Council are completing their bin rounds.

Monday, 4th March 2019, 11:24 am
Updated Monday, 4th March 2019, 3:45 pm
Rubbish that has blown from bins into the Davies' garden

Arthur and Jill Davies, who live on Upton Road in the village, say that rubbish from other people's bins has been blowing into their gardens on particularly windy days.

Arthur said: "A few months ago there were three people doing bin rounds - one driver of the vehicle and two people who collected and loaded the bins.

Rubbish that has blown from bins into the Davies' garden

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"For the last month we have noticed it has been one person on their own - on windy days rubbish blows out the side of the bin while it is being tipped and loaded on to the vehicle and we end up having to pick up litter from our garden.

"We are not normally complainers but we are cross about this constantly happening."

The couple are seeking answers from the local authority but have a theory it may be a cost-cutting exercise.

Jill said: "We don't blame the binmen themselves - we blame the system.

"We think AVDC are trying to cut costs and are reducing the number of people on each round but it is not working.

"Whoever is responsible for the running of the service is not getting it right.

"They are trying to cut corners and although it may work some of the time, on windy days it is causing a problem for us because we have to clear up the mess that is left."

An Aylesbury Vale District Council spokesman said: "We can appreciate the concern expressed by Mr and Mrs Davies but our records confirm the crew collecting from Upton Road today, as usual, consisted of a driver team leader and two loaders.

"Unfortunately, in adverse weather conditions, such as the high winds experienced recently, the risk of wind-strewn litter on the streets is heightened.

"Crew members are responsible for clearing wind-strewn litter caused from the collection of waste, as long as it is safe to do so.

"Residents presenting their bins at the boundary of their property minimises any litter entering private front gardens, where unless an authorised assisted collection is in situ, the crew are not permitted to enter."