Urine, spit and litter – ‘filthy’ state of Bourg Walk Bridge lift

Bourg Walk Bridge Aylesbury.
Bourg Walk Bridge Aylesbury.

Residents have slammed the disgusting vandals who continuously urinate in and litter an Aylesbury lift.

The Bourg Walk Bridge lift is used regularly by commuters and shoppers, but it is often in an ‘filthy’ state because of yobbish behaviour.

The lift is the responsibility of the county council and is cleaned weekly, but people continue to vandalise it.

As well as urine, there have been reports of people spitting on the lift’s buttons.

One resident who often uses the lift said: “Every time I go in there it’s absolutely filthy. There’s always litter on the floor and it stinks, you have to hold your nose. I don’t know why people do it.”

A glass window on one side of the lift has also been damaged for many months.

The council said it is aware of the broken glass but has not set a timescale for when it will be repaired.

A spokesman for the council said: “With the size, shape and specifications of the glass, this will need to be replaced by a specialist supplier at a significant cost.

“The job forms part of our current workload, however as the glass does not pose any danger this is currently classed as a low priority. Regular safety checks are carried out.”

If you have seen a grot spot around town then contact Bucks Herald editor Roger Hawes via email at roger.hawes@jpress.co.uk and let him know.