UPDATED WITH MASTERPLAN: Hampden Fields development is back – with promise of new Southern Link Road

New Hampden Fields masterplan showing southern link road
New Hampden Fields masterplan showing southern link road

Developers behind the controversial Hampden Fields housing scheme which was thrown out by the government hope revised proposals will finally secure them planning permission.

The consortium’s previous proposal for up to 3,000 new homes on the Weston Turville site was refused after a lengthy inquiry – leading to celebrations by opponents, spearheaded by the Hampden Fields Action Group.

However, the inspector stated the scheme’s benefits would be ‘very substantial and sufficient to outweigh the shortcomings of all but one of the main considerations’, which was the traffic impact on the town’s gyratory system.

The consortium has now come back with a promise to deliver a new Southern Link Road, which it says will be a ‘key piece of new infrastructure for Aylesbury, providing a major new link between the A41 and A413’.

In a statement it said: “The new Link Road would increase the capacity of the wider road network around Aylesbury and provide an alternative and more desirable route for traffic which currently travels on local roads through Weston Turville and Bedgrove.”

Combined with the the already-confirmed Eastern Link Road, which will connect the A41 with the A418, in theory it means you would be able to drive from, for example, the Wendover bypass, to Milton Keynes without having to go through Aylesbury.

A spokesman for the consortium said: “We recognise that the provision of new housing in the district and around Aylesbury is a contentious issue. However, substantial housing growth needs to be accommodated in the district over the coming years.
“It is clear from the appeal decision on the previous planning application that Hampden Fields is a wholly suitable site in planning terms and that the benefits of the project would be very substantial.

“We believe that the new proposals overcome the outstanding matters raised at the appeal inquiry and include delivery of key infrastructure such as new roads, education, health and open space that will have a direct benefit to the local community.

“In addition, Hampden Fields can accommodate up to 3,000 of the new homes that will be needed for the district, delivering hundreds of affordable homes and new starter homes providing the opportunity for local people own their own home.

“We understand that there will be concerns within the local community and we are committed to engaging and providing the information on the proposals that people need.”

Phil Yerby, chairman of the Hampden Fields Action Group, which fought the original proposals, said: “This is not news to us – we have been waiting for this ever since the inspector’s decision.

“The action group is fully prepared, it has all its ducks in a row and I am 100% confident we will deliver a great result for residents again, as we did last time.”

Leaflets have been issued to nearly 11,000 local households and businesses and the website (www.hampdenfields.co.uk) has been updated with details of the revised proposals.

The consortium said it is aware of the emerging proposals for the Aylesbury Woodlands development and ‘will engage fully with Bucks Advantage and the council as part of the revised proposals for Hampden Fields’.

Members of the development team will be on hand to answer questions at public exhibitions at The Holiday Inn, New Road on Tuesday 15 September from 2pm to 8pm and at Weston Turville Village Hall on Thursday 17 September from 4pm to 9pm.

The Hampden Fields Consortium comprises Aylesbury College, Taylor Wimpey and the Fairfield Partnership.