UPDATED: Swanbourne pub wants to hear from locals if they have concerns amid petition calling on it to scrap '˜cruel' sheep racing

A petition calling on a Vale pub to ban its planned sheep racing event has been signed more than 30,000 times.
The Betsey Wynne pub in SwanbourneThe Betsey Wynne pub in Swanbourne
The Betsey Wynne pub in Swanbourne

The Betsey Wynne in Swanbourne is planning to hold a sheep racing event on Saturday July 28.

A group that aims to ban sheep racing has started a petition calling on The Betsey Wynne to cancel the event however organisers say they have no reason to believe any animals will be harmed.

Six races are planned throughout the afternoon with the event featuring a betting tent, outside bar and a local ice-cream van.

The petition reads: “Sheep racing is cruel and unnecessary.

“Sheep are quiet, timid creatures and making them run in a crowded and noisy environment for our entertainment is outdated and wrong.

“These cruel events must end.

“Animals are not ours to use for entertainment.

“Please sign now to show the organisers how much public opposition there is to sheep racing and ask them to cancel this event and replace it with something that does not involve the exploitation of animals.”

The petition is being organised by Lambentations, a group which claims it has already successfully got eight sheep races and a pig race cancelled using a similar petition.

The petition has 36,263 supporters however only 4,536 are reportedly from the United Kingdom.

Peter Borg-Neal, CEO of Oakman Inns, which runs The Betsey Wynne said: “This local, community fundraising event has taken place many times over the years at Swanbourne.

“As far as we are aware, no animals have been harmed and we have no reason to believe they will be this year.

“If anyone in Swanbourne has any concerns we’d be happy to hear them.”