UPDATED: County council say these Chearsley potholes '˜do not qualify for urgent repair'

Bucks County Council say that roads in Chearsley that have been in a bad condition all year do not qualify for '˜urgent repairs.'

Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 2:23 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 2:27 pm
Bernards Close in Chearsley - residents are frustrated at the amount of potholes on the road

The picture above shows Bernards Close, which is so full of holes it resembles ‘the surface of the moon’ according to residents.

John Howard, Chearsley parish councillor said: “There are a number of roads in the village that have been in a bad condition all year.

A pothole in Chearsley was decorated by three village youngsters last week

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“We have reported the news to Bucks County Council and they say they will keep us updated.

“School Lane is another road in bad condition.

“It presents a danger to pedestrians with cars trying to avoid holes and getting very close to or even mounting the pavement.

“The residents are frustrated by the situation - it is becoming an increasingly long-running saga.”

A Transport for Bucks spokesman said: “Following receipt of the report, Bernards Close, a short residential cul-de-sac, was inspected by one of our team. “Whilst it is acknowledged that there are defects present these do not yet qualify for urgent repair as the likelihood of them causing an issue is minimal.

“The county council does have a limited budget to carry out priority repairs, i.e. to those defects that are likely to cause damage or present a danger to passing traffic, and must be to seen to prioritise work accordingly.

“This does mean that similar defects on a busy A class road may be repaired whilst we will continue to monitor the defects in Bernards Close.

“We do appreciate that this is frustrating to residents but hope that the need to balance our response is understood.”

Residents frustrated at the lack of action on Bernards Close were warmed by the actions of three young girls from Chearsley who spent some of their summer holidays decorating one of the village’s potholes.

Sisters Katie and Olivia Sawsey-Cookson and their friend Saskia Day, who are all of primary school age, took it upon themselves to improve the appearance of one of a series of potholes on Bernards Close.

The hole was decorated with stones, flowers and leaves by the youngsters, however it appears the residents will have a longer wait than they would have hoped for the council to show any ‘love’ to the holes.