UPDATED: Burst water pipe at Pitchcott now repaired

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Thames Water say that a water pipe which burst near Pitchcott at around 12.30pm today (Thursday) has been repaired.

Earlier this week a Shanly contractor caused disruptions and flooded several roads in Aylesbury after breaking a water main

A tweet from Thames Water at lunchtime said: "We’ve had a water pipe burst near Aylesbury so customers in the HP18, HP22, OX3 OX25, OX27 and OX33 postcodes could see a drop in pressure / no water this afternoon as we carry out the repair.

"We're very sorry for the disruption this causes, particularly on a warm day like today."

They then posted a follow-up tweet in the previous hour saying: “The repair has been made to the burst water pipe and our final checks are currently being made.

“Customers who experienced low pressure / no water should see their supply coming back.

“We’re very sorry if you were impacted this afternoon.”

Thames Water operations manager Anthony Crawford said in a statement: “We’re sorry to those people whose water supplies are affected by the burst pipe.

“We know not having water on a hot day makes life difficult so we’re making sure bottled water is readily available at local collection points and those people who can’t get to us get it delivered straight to their doors.

“The pipe has now been repaired and our next step is to get water flowing through it again later this afternoon.”

The burst pipe was in a field near Pitchcott and is 12 inches in diameter.