UPDATED: Bid to relax noise controls around Arla mega dairy site is rejected

View - Arla megadairy
View - Arla megadairy

Planning chiefs have thrown out an appeal to relax noise control measures around the Arla mega dairy site after developers claimed they are hampering economic growth.

An application to Aylesbury Vale District Council asked the authority to change a condition stipulated when the site, which includes land for business units, was given the go-ahead.

Developers have offered to plant trees instead.

However, Friday’s strategic development management committee agreed with the planning officer’s recommendation to refuse the application.

Developers claimed that the requirement for noise bunding around the site has hampered further business growth at the College Road North Site, and that other firms are being put off moving there by the measures.

Under the heading ‘consulation responses’ a report to the planning authority from economic development officers reads: “The conditions were imposed to the scheme in order to safeguard the residential amenity and the visual amenity of the area in accordance with planning policies.

“These conditions have since hampered the prospects of this scheme from progressing.

“The developers have received a number of enquiries over the last three years from high value skilled sectors including food and drink and high performance technology, and have been unable to progress the site, as the conditions of the bund either resulted in an insufficient developable area or required huge infrastructure costs making the investment unviable.”

It added: “AVDC is currently developing the Aylesbury Vale food and drink sector as part of a wider South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) food and drink proposition for inward investment, linking key Aylesbury Vale businesses and key employment sites including the Arla site, Aston 41 and Haddenham to attract further food supply chain companies into the district.”

Both Aston Clinton and Buckland Parish Councils objected to the rule change, saying that proposed trees would not have the same noise prevention effect as the bunds.

Councillor Carole Paternoster, who represents Aston Clinton on Aylesbury Vale District Council also made a representation on behalf of residents.

She said: “The main reason for requesting bunding, not only on the bypass but also on the Arla site, is to block noise intrusion to nearby residential properties.

“Such bunding cannot be replaced with the offer of tall trees. Trees don’t block sound, earth bunds do. There are residential properties in College Road South, very close to the proposed site.

“These properties alreday suffer a great deal of noise intrusion from current activities on the industrial site as well as noise from the bypass.

“There is no earth bund along the A41 bypass in this area due to the presence of a stream. Noise fencing was promised by the contractors but was not put in place by Bucks County Council once the road had been completed.”