"Unjustified Hospital car parking fines means my mortgage limit has been reduced"

Despite paying monthly to park where she worked, Cristina Bordea, former senior registrar in Plastic Surgery at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, has been hit with a spate of fines dating back to 2014-2015.

Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 8:26 am
Updated Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 8:30 am
Former Stoke Mandeville workers have hit out at the Trust and UKPC

The fines relate to Cristina not displaying the correct permit which may have slipped from the dashboard or been misplaced by her children without her noticing.

She is now asked to cough up £1125.

Cristina said: “ Parking capacity was insufficient at Stoke Mandeville in 2014- 2015 and was reduced further when one a 220 space car park was closed for building work. Finding a safe parking space in the morning was very stressful.

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"Me and many other staff got parking tickets but I was advised to ignore them as I had already paid for parking and had not caused any loss to the trust.

"The parking office who issued the permits had records of the people and cars so checking a car’s right to park should have been easy.”

In late 2017 she started receiving again letters and in August 2018 a letter from SCS Law informed her that they had issued a claim through the County Court Business Centre.

There was not date for hearing or contact phone number.

“I spoke again with colleagues at Stoke Mandeville Hospital to see if this was happening to other staff, which my colleagues we not aware off”.

“A couple of days ago I got a letter from my mortgage lender informing me that as a result of the county court claim my credit rating has been affected and my mortgage limit has been reduced.”

Christina added: "Being hit by a £1125 bill when I had already paid for parking is morally wrong and disproportionate.

"The trust will not do anything about it because they make 10% profits on all charges!

"I would like to make staff at Bucks Healthcare Trust aware that for all their hard work and dedication to patient care the trust would not hesitate to treat them as an income opportunity, drag them through the courts and damage their credit history."

A statement from Buckinghamshire NHS Health Trust said: “We realise that parking charges, whether for staff or for the public are unpopular.

"Our advice for any member of staff or public who thinks that they have been unfairly issued with a parking charge notice is always to make an appeal to UKPC as soon as possible.

"We take our responsibility to provide sufficient parking for staff, patients and hospital visitors very seriously.

"Our property services team works closely with UKPC and every effort is made to ensure our parking provision is as accessible, easy to use and fair as possible for all those who visit or work at our sites.

"The Trust would never advise any member of staff (or public) who receives a parking ticket, for whatever reason, to ignore it - they should appeal, as instructed on the penalty charge notice, to UKPC who will consider appeals on an individual basis.”

UKPC have been approached for comment.