UKIP councillor in court to appeal gun licence ruling

Phil GommPhil Gomm
Phil Gomm
UKIP councillor and Crimestopppers chairman, Phil Gomm has appeared in court for mention in his appeal against the revokation of his of his gun licence.

Mr Gomm represented himself at the hearing. Judge, Justin Cole, said that the prosecution will now have until February 11 to serve all their evidence.

The court then set the date for his firearms appeal as Monday March 23.

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Unlike today, Mr Gomm will be represented by his barrister where he is expected to give evidence, and says he has plenty of character witnesses to fight the ‘false allegations’ made against him by two witnesses. 
Mr Gomm said outside court that he ‘unfortunately’ expects this whole process to go on for some time while everything gets sorted out. He says that he uses the guns to protect against pests on his Granborough livestock farm.