UFOs spotted above Tescos in Aylesbury

Shoppers at Tesco Tring Road in Aylesbury were left baffled yesterday (Wednesday) evening when a fleet of UFOs flew over them.

A local man, who was in the carpark at around 6pm, said several people stopped to watch the 20-30ft long, bright cylinder objects which filled the sky.

He said: "They had a bright, whitish light and there was no noise at all. There was over a dozen of them and they were flying in formation. They were two or three hundred feet high.

"There was seemed to be no vehicle above the light," he continued.

Chinese lanterns, which generally have an orange glow, are sometimes mistaken for UFOs.

The lanterns are likely to be especially prominent at the moment, with this week seeing the celebration of Chinese New Year.

However, the man added: "These were not orange and they seemed to be flying in formation, not straight up.

"I didn't think it was a lantern or balloon or anything like that.

"They were long and flying in a line, a lantern would go straight up, surely?

"I don't know what it was, it was just weird. I really don't know.

"I don't know whether it was a training exercise, night flying with the RAF, I really couldn't say."

The spotting come vas the Ministry of Defence released new files on UFO sightings.

Included was a 'humming'' object, the size of two passenger planes, seen near Michael Howard's home near Folkestone on March 8 1997, when he was serving as home secretary for the Conservative government.

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