Twins both land Cambridge place studying same subject

Sony and Bony Roy
Sony and Bony Roy

Twin sisters who go to the same school will now study together at university after both winning places at Cambridge.

Sony and Bony Roy, 18, who live in the Turnfurlong area of Aylesbury, will take up coveted places to study medicine after an impressive string of A-level results.

Sony scored four A* grades, while Bony took away five A* results which they collected from Aylesbury High School last Thursday. And the pair admitted that being twins does have its advantages when revising for exams.

Bony said: “We always study together, and sometimes we even get exactly the same questions wrong on tests, which is a little bit difficult to explain to the teacher.”

She added: “We go through the past papers together in our dining room, then mark each other’s work, it’s good to have a bit of healthy competition.”

And despite both studying at the same university, the girls will attend different colleges when they start in September. Bony will attend Queens’ College, while Sony will go to Selwyn College in the city.

Sony said: “We might be in some of the same lectures, but we will be in different academic groups.”

Proud parents Trishna, a preschool teacher at William Harding School, and Abhijit, an IT consultant, will also benefit according to the girls.

Sony added: “They are very proud, it’s even better because they won’t have to make two trips to come and visit us.”

The girls singled out the chemistry and maths faculties at Aylesbury High School for their support.