'˜Turdy' smell at Aylesbury Tesco prompts customer campaign

Tring Road Tesco say that it is investigating after a foul smell prompted shoppers to set up a protest campaign.

A Facebook group entitled ‘Turdy Tring Rd Tesco’ has been attracting numerous comments about the issue, along with 215 followers.

The page admin has also accused Tesco of bullying their staff if they like the page, comment or interact in any way on the page.

It said:“I have been reliably informed by numerous sources within Tesco managers are bullying their staff. They are threatening them with the sack if they like this page, share it or even comment on it. Staff have to endure the smell all shift long and are not allowed an opinion. Tesco you should be ashamed of yourself you stinking bully!”

Dawn Powell, posting in the group, said: “The smell is absolutely revolting. Will not be visiting this store again. I think there is a dirty nappy stuck in the air conditioning ducting. I really feel for the long suffering staff and rumour has it some are looking for a ‘fresh’ career at Morrisons.”

Another shopper, Susan Smith said: “This really should of been sorted out properly the first time it happened! And I think Tesco are taking the P*** of us for putting up with it! So I for one will be taking my custom elsewhere!”

A statement from Tesco said: “We hold extremely high standards in our stores and since this problem was identified we have been working hard to fix it quickly. We would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused.”

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