Infuriating dashcam footage shows one of the reasons for yet more traffic misery in Aylesbury

Frustration as roadworks leave thousands stuck in traffic for nearly 30 minutes again today

By Reporter
Monday, 18th October 2021, 1:38 pm
Updated Monday, 18th October 2021, 1:40 pm

There was more misery on Aylesbury' s road network this morning as various works around the town brought traffic to a standstill.

Motorists heading out to work and on the school run were stuck in queues of up to 30 minutes as roadworks and temporary traffic lights clogged up the town once more.

Last month The Bucks Herald reported how the timing of roadworks around the town - after nearly two years of very little traffic on Aylesbury's road during the pandemic - had drawn frustration within the community.

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Dash cam footage shows no works going on as temporary lights cause delays over 30 mins on the Wendover Road alone

More roadworks and associated temporary lights on Douglas Road - which sits between two major school run routes and the main road leading towards the A41 for those heading out of Aylesbury for work - caused big delays on the east side of Aylesbury.

And there were also issues on the west side of town with works and more temporary lights on the Wendover Road having a similar impact in and out of Aylesbury.

The Bucks Herald has been inundated with complaints from readers sick of the delays.

One infuriated reader sent us dashcam footage of traffic backed up at the works on the Wendover Road having waited nearly 30 minutes to get past.

Some of the works on Aylesbury's road network as of Monday October 18th according to

But as the video shows, there is no work taking place on the portion of road that is blocked off leaving motorists raging after sat in the tailbacks.

"It is an absolute joke how the Aylesbury road network is being handled," one reader told The Bucks Herald.

"People's lives are being made unnecessarily stressful and difficult when life is already difficult enough as it is with everything that has gone on over the last two years.

"Aylesbury's road network simply is not built to cope with the number of people living and working here. It only takes one little accident, incident or roadworks to bring everything to a grinding halt.

"So these things need to be strategically planned. You simply cannot have multiple works going on at the same time around different parts of the town. And if you do then one needs to be done at night and vice versa. Not multiple works on multiple key roads all at the same time during such a busy period. You have to remember lots of people who have been on furlough are now returning to the workplace too so things are only going to get worse unless this gets sorted."

The Bucks Herald put the video to Bucks Council for a comment but has yet to receive a response.

Last month Councillor Steven Broadbent offered an apology for the disruption on Aylesbury's roads, which you can read here.