Infamous road near Aylesbury labelled a 'death trap' in bad weather

Fears recent floods will lead to a fatality

By Rory Butler , Local Democracy Reporter
Monday, 25th October 2021, 11:26 am

An infamous road near Aylesbury Vale that floods in bad weather is a “death trap in waiting” – and the council knew about it five months ago, it has been claimed.

Mr Bob Scott has been trying to get Transport for Bucks (TfB) to clear drains in Honor End Lane, Prestwood, since May, fearing the floods after heavy rainfall will cause a fatality.

He said the council’s lack of response is “unacceptable” – and that if there is a serious incident he will ‘tell the family the council is at fault’.

Honor End Lane, Prestwood

TfB said back in May it aimed to resolve the issue “within 6-8 weeks” – but Mr Scott said the road still floods every time is rains.

Images show ‘50 metres of water’ engulfing the road.

Mr Scott said his garden is “disappearing” in front of his eyes, adding he has had “absolutely zero response” from the authority.

In May, Mr Scott’s Fix My Street report read: “Following heavy rain earlier, the road is completely flooded. Dangerous for cars and pedestrians. This has happened before.”

Eight days later, TfB replied: “We have inspected the defect and will aim to repair within 6-8 weeks.”

Then, in August, Mr Scott again reported flooding, adding: “Drains totally silted up and cars driving way too fast through the 50 metres of standing water.

“Tidal mark of debris on our drive three metres from the roadside. Can you please come and fix this long-standing issue first reported…over three months ago.”

He reported floods again in September that ‘filled him with dread’.

“What exactly is delaying you coming to fix this serious drainage issue?” he wrote. “What do I pay my local taxes for? If someone dies or gets seriously injured, I will let their family know that the council are at fault.”

More reports followed in early October, this time to Thames Valley Police (TVP) and Sarah Green MP, too.

“The road is flooded again and will continue to flood until you come out and unblock the drains,” he wrote.

Adding: “Both drains completely full of soil, weeds, leaves, sticks and grit. My front garden is disappearing in front of my eyes.”

Finally, on October 20 after more rain, he wrote: “Road flooded again causing vehicles to brake suddenly and a serious danger to pedestrians. First reported in May, now five months. This is unacceptable.”

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS), Mr Scott said: “It has happened every time it rained since May when I first reported it – absolutely zero response from the authorities to get it fixed.

“With no streetlights at night it is a death trap in waiting, you cannot see it until you’re in it. Serious road hazard.”

Cllr Steven Broadbent, cabinet member for transport, said: “Thank you to the resident who raised this issue, and apologies that it has been an ongoing problem for a number of months.

“TfB engineers attended the site this week and noted that the soakaway was empty. However, it appears that there was some silt in the gullies and carrier pipes, so a gulley crew was sent and they have now cleared this out.

“The TfB engineers believe that farm lorries turning out of Hangings Lane have a tendency to drag mud over the gullies – which can result in the accumulation of flood water when there is heavy or persistent rain. To help prevent this going forward, a Local Area Technician has been instructed to keep an eye on the site and sweep the gullies every so often.”