‘Traffic doesn’t want to bypass Aylesbury’: Action group vows to fight Hampden Fields proposals

New Hampden Fields masterplan showing southern link road
New Hampden Fields masterplan showing southern link road

Residents have voted overwhelmingly to fight revised proposals for 3,000 homes between Bedgrove and Weston Turville.

More than 200 people attended a meeting by The Hampden Fields Action Group last week to debate what to do next and chairman Phil Yerby said ‘99% of people said they wanted to fight’.

He said the ‘plan of attack’ is that the proposals do not fall under any agreed planning strategy. He said the campaign extend beyond just Hampden Fields and encompass unwanted development across wider Aylesbury: “We’re not going to be pushed around anymore.”

The Hampden Fields Consortium says the revised plans include a southern link road, easing concerns over traffic, however Mr Yerby said: “The fact is most traffic does not want to bypass Aylesbury – in fact its only 11%. The rest of it wants to go into Aylesbury because all the infrastructure is in the middle – the grammars schools, supermarkets, big employers like the council, the hospital. Having a ring road is not going to help all that much.”