Why do the Gyratory Road traffic lights keep failing?

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Over the past few weeks we've received numerous calls asking why Aylesbury's traffic lights on the gyratory road have been failing.

And now it appears, we have an answer (of sorts).

They have been identified as high priority for refurbishment because of their age and condition.

However, Transport for Buckinghamshire are still working to identify specifics.

They said: "Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) are aware of an intermittent fault causing the signals at the gyratory to fail, although they are currently working.

"Our maintenance contractor has investigated but has not yet been able to identify the specific cause of the problem, so they will be carrying out further cable testing, as well as replacing parts at the end of this week.

"Three of the signal junctions on the gyratory have been identified as a high priority for refurbishment due to their age and condition."