Roads petition ends with more than 3,400 signatures while Aylesbury potholes are repaired thanks to help from the Herald

Parts of Aylesbury have ground to a halt after a lorry has crashed on Broughton Bridge
Parts of Aylesbury have ground to a halt after a lorry has crashed on Broughton Bridge

More than 3,400 people have signed a petition calling for improvements to Aylesbury’s road network.

The petition was set up by Aylesbury resident Kevin Cox after a burst water main on the A41 in March caused three days of traffic gridlock.

The online petition, which secured 3,419 signatures, called on the council to ‘invest in substantial improvements to the current road network around Aylesbury, and provide better traffic management facilities in case of an incident on one of the roads in and out of the town’.

It also called on Bucks County Council to ‘revisit the idea of a bypass around the town.’

Mr Cox said: “I think it is one of the biggest responses to an online petition they’ve ever had.

“It shows what an emotive issues this is.”

Bucks County Council are due to discuss and respond to the petition in due course, but Mr Cox said he had not yet heard when this might happen.

In other roads news, potholes in Howard Avenue have been repaired in the past week following pressure from The Bucks Herald.

Following contact from a reader, we asked Transport for Bucks about potholes in the road which had re-appeared despite being filled in October 2016.

A contractor from Transport for Bucks visited Howard Avenue on March 27 and the following day returned to fill in the largest of the holes on the road.

A Transport for Bucks spokesman told us on March 27 that: “We have marked up several potholes for repair on Howard Avenue, Aylesbury, in the coming days.

“The potholes are not considered to be safety critical, so to maximise efficiency and resources we will tie in this work with other repairs on a road nearby.

“We checked the area again after this enquiry was made, and are confident the defects between Westmoreland and Northumberland Avenues are recent, rather than failed repairs, although defects were attended to elsewhere on Howard Avenue, in May and October 2016.

“The repairs made this week will be permanent repairs.”