Local MP David Lidington: HS2 managers must 'raise their game' after HS2 is granted royal assent

Local MP David Lidington
Local MP David Lidington

The parliamentary Bill to build the line from London to Birmingham received royal assent on Thursday morning, opening the way for construction work to begin.

Local MP David Lidington said: "This result is clearly disappointing but not altogether unsurprising. The scale of the majority in the Lords was bigger than in the House of Commons. It's not a day most people locally will want to cheer and look back on fondly but we can't say it was unexpected.

"In terms of where we go now, there are two key elements. The first is that we need to continue to push for environmental mitigation. I will be taking a small Wendover delegation to see the minister responsible for HS2 and to have another push for the mined tunnel to reduce the environmental and noise impacts.

"Secondly, it's important to ensure that as the works start to prepare for the construction, we get a much better quality of public engagement from HS2 limited than they have previously shown.

"There are several important issues that must be worked out, for example the management of additional traffic, and how that will impact on local roads. I'm currently having a dialogue with HS2 limited and South Central Ambulance Service, and the potential impact the works will have on ambulance routes.

"A code of conduct for construction companies and workers needs to be established, with clear rules and limits on noise, dust and disturbance. Residents also need a complaints mechanism so they have a means of quick redress.

"There is a lot of detail that needs to be ironed out but I think the prime responsibility must lie with the senior managers at HS2 limited. They have to raise their game."

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