Tracy's Tips: Bucks Herald's columnist talks tattoos

Five and a half years ago I booked an appointment at RedInk Aylesbury to have my newborn son's date of birth tattooed onto my wrist. Little did I know that shortly after my 30th birthday I'd now be celebrating my 30th tattoo by the talented John Capasao.

Friday, 12th January 2018, 10:04 am
Updated Friday, 12th January 2018, 10:05 am
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Born in the Philippines, John came to England in 2006 and turned his keen sense of art into a career when he founded RedInk in 2011. John has been my favoured tattooist since the day we met and his vision and creativity for heartfelt body art is immortalised in the custom tattoos he has created for me over the years which I will cherish forever.

On average I visit John around once a week for a new tattoo and bring him an idea, memory or feeling that I would like to capture in body art. John takes these ideas and draws freehand onto the skin taking into account the size, shape, positioning and contours of the body to make every tattoo unique, meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.

John not only excels in body art but has also become a great friend and mentor over time and I very much look forward to catching up on life events and sharing thoughts at our therapeutic tattoo sessions.

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When I first came to John I remember whimpering at the sensation of the needle and repeatedly asking how long until it’s over. Now we karaoke, laugh and snack on protein bars for several hours at a time as we live broadcast to my three million social media followers.

It has become evermore fashionable in recent years to have matching tattoos to celebrate love, friendship and memorable life events and tattooing my heartbeat onto my bicep is something that will always make me smile.

John Capasao – RedInk 07729 973416'¬