Toddler "could have been killed" infront of birthday party friends by allergic reaction to dinosaur cake

Deysel at his party, moments before his allergic reaction
Deysel at his party, moments before his allergic reaction

A three year old child's birthday party was ruined after he suffered a huge allergic reaction to a professionally made cake.

As a special treat for her son Deysel, Ali Carstens bought a custom made dinosaur themed cake from Sophie Amelia Creative Cakes in Aylesbury.

Deysel in A&E at Stoke Mandeville after his steroid injection began to take effect

Deysel in A&E at Stoke Mandeville after his steroid injection began to take effect

Because of his allergies, she specifically requested no egg be put in the cake - and the company confirmed that they could cater to his requirements.

Ali Carstens was left horrified after her son, Deysel who is allergic to egg began to projectile vomit at his birthday party infront of horrified children and their parents.

His lips blistered very quickly and his face swelled.

Ali said: "The whole room was so shocked when Deysel began to be sick and his face was swelling up.

"Not only were we terrified, but the kids at the party must be traumatised. We rushed him away to A&E absolutely terrified and rang the bakers, who confirmed that despite their initial reassurances - they had put egg whites in the cake.

"They could have killed him.

Ali said the the worst thing about allergic reactions is, you don't know how big the reaction will be nor where it will stop.

"We were terrified his airwaves would close up and he would go into anaphalactic shock. Luckily the staff at Stoke Mandeville A&E were very helpful, he was given antihistamines and steroids to try to control the reaction."

Someone from the Cake company came to Stoke Mandeville to apologise immediately.

Sophie Amelia Creative Cakes said in a statement: "I had no idea how the eggs could end up in an egg free cake, but unfortunately thinking of it once i learned about the reaction i realized it could be traces of egg white powder that was used for other orders that day.

"The customer was notified of it immediately, along with apologies if that was the cause.

"My page states clearly that all sorts of allergens are handled in my kitchen and therefore traces of those might be found in all the foods prepared here, if that was the cause of Deysel’s reaction.

Ali is currently talking to trading standards who are set to launch an investigation.

She added: "Deysel is now afraid to eat - we're finding it really hard to get him to eat his dinner for fear of another reaction.

"It's heartbreaking but it's also bad for the kids who saw it, who must be traumatised."