Thug who ‘lost the plot’ avoids prison

Aylesbury Police Station
Aylesbury Police Station

A thug who threatened police, smashed equipment at the station and urinated all over his cell was spared jail this week.

James Connolly, 29, of Eeles Close, Aylesbury became enraged after being visited by a fines enforcement officer on February 25.

The officer posted a letter through his door but Connolly then confronted him and was abusive.

He then went back into his house and returned with a yellow pole, and when the officer headed towards his car he assaulted him with it by jabbing him in the back of the neck.

After the incident the officer waited in his car until police arrived.

Connolly threatened the two police officers and this continued after he was arrested and taken to Aylesbury police station.

During his time in custody the court heard that Connolly smashed a phone in the reception area of the station, as well as damaging the force’s codes of practice book.

When placed in a cell Connolly urinated all over the room, which led to it having to be deep cleaned.

A second charge, in relation to possession of Meow Meow (mephedrone) with intent to supply was also heard by Wycombe Magistrates Court yesterday (Tuesday).

It heard that Connolly was driving a vehicle which was stopped by police.

During a search of the car, and later Connolly’s home, drugs and drug dealing equipment were found, as well as a mobile phone with details of drug deals in its history.

Defending Connolly, solicitor Chris Thompson said that his client had pleaded guilty, but that the drugs charges were of a very low level.

In relation to the public order incidents and the assault, Mr Thompson accepted that Connolly had ‘lost the plot’.

He said Connolly was in a heightened emotional state because of the death of his grandfather.

But speaking about Connolly’s behaviour since the incident Mr Thompson said that his client was remorseful and would be willing to apologise to the victim.

Connolly was handed a suspended prison sentence of ten weeks, community service of 100 hours as well as fines, costs and compensation totalling £455.

Chair of the magistrates Barry Ifold, said: “ A suspended sentence will be appropriate because you have shown remorse and recently gained employment.”