Throat cancer survivor Ray Coates makes London acting debut - after successful run at Queens Park Arts

A driving instructor from Waddesdon who launched a singing and acting career after almost losing his voice to throat cancer will tread the London boards for the first time.

Ray Coates will appear in So Bad by Duncan Turner at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham on Friday and Saturday night.

Ray takes the part of Craven in this play, but most recently played the blind seer, Tiresias, in Bertolt Brecht’s version of Antigone at the Queens Park Arts Centre in Aylesbury.

So bad tells the story of Sid, who wakes from a nightmare in which he was pursued by predators.

All Sid wants is to get some sleep and to catch up on David Attenborough on iPlayer. He certainly doesn’t want a call from his flatmate, Leo, telling him not to touch his laptop. And he really doesn’t need Leo’s girlfriend giving him the third degree about where Leo has gone.

All Rose knows is Leo received a text reading ‘I’m going to hurt you so bad’ just before he disappeared. All Sid knows is the man who sent that message is a brutal criminal called Craven.

Sid may not know all that much about grammar, but he does know the man who sent the text message is a brutal criminal called Craven. He also knows Craven is not the kind of man to worry too much about adjectives and adverbs. To find out more about the play go to

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