Three petitions set up in response to fatal crash on the A41 Aston Clinton bypass

Ray Dare
Ray Dare

Three separate petitions have been set up after a cyclist died in a crash on the A41 earlier this month.

Ray Dare, 91, a member of Kingston Road Cycling Club in Surrey, died when he was involved in an accident while attempting to set a national record for his age.

Following the accident, the first petition entitled ‘stop cyclists using the counties dual carriageways’ called on Bucks County Council to ban cyclists from high-speed dual carriageways.

This petition was set up on July 21 and has so far attracted 129 signatures.

Four days later, a second petition entitled ‘encourage safe use of the A41 Aston Clinton bypass’ was set up.

It was set up in response to the previous petition which it claimed ‘asked for a ban but did not offer a solution.’

The second petition says ‘the simple solution is driving and riding with due care and attention’.

It claims that the Aston Clinton bypass has been used regularly for organised sport and is regularly risk assessed.

It calls on Bucks County Council to maintain and repair the Aston Clinton bypass to make it safe for all road users.

This petition has so far attracted 529 signatures.

One day after the second petition was started, a third was set-up titled ‘drivers on dual carriageways county-wide’ calling on Bucks County Council to ‘put measures in place to ensure drivers are aware of other road users and that any vehicle is potentially lethal.’

This one has so far received ten signatures.

A day after this, another petition was set up calling on Bucks County Council to stop abuse of the e-petition system.

It claimed that many people who signed the second petition did not live in the area and called on the council to do more to stop what it called ‘frivolous’ petitions.

At the time of writing, this petition had not received any signatures.

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