‘This bus is under attack’: Passers-by left bemused as broken down bus in Aylesbury town centre plays security alert on a loop

The 60 service broke down shortly after leaving Aylesbury bus station (pictured)
The 60 service broke down shortly after leaving Aylesbury bus station (pictured)

Passers-by in Aylesbury town centre were left bemused yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) after a broken down bus repeatedly played out a security warning saying it was under attack and instructing people to call the emergency services.

The X60 service, operated by Arriva, left Aylesbury bus station at 5.50pm headed for Buckingham however just a few moments later it came to a standstill in the High Street by Wilkinsons and Gym Fit 4 Less.

While the bus was stuck, it inadvertently played out a security warning which consisted of a message ‘this bus is under attack - please dial 999’ following by a siren noise.

This played repeatedly for about five minutes until it was stopped, causing bemusement to those walking past.

Cars were able to pass the broken down vehicle but the incident delayed another bus, the 150, headed for Milton Keynes, which was forced to reverse and take a detour.

James Hunter, General Manager for High Wycombe & Aylesbury at Arriva Midlands said: “Arriva would like to apologise to bus passengers and any other road users who were delayed by this breakdown aboard the X60 service, which was caused by a fault in the compressor pipe.

“We worked to move the bus as quickly as possible and are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”